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Why Choose Hanson Benefits For Your Employee Benefits Needs?

Hanson Benefits can give your employee benefits program the edge that you need to compete. We strive to provide your company with access to benefit products that best fit your company objectives while educating and advising you on how to manage risk and make informed choices. Dramatic increases in the cost of employee benefits and constant changes in state and federal regulations have made our role increasingly important to our clients to help focus on finding cost-saving measures and coverage options.

Our agency acts as an extension of your Human Resource staff. We ease your workload by relieving you of many of the time consuming activities involved in choosing and administrating an effective employee benefits program for your company.

Successful employee benefit programs don’t just happen. They are the result of diverse options, good plan design, a comprehensive package of services and the efficient use of technology. We understand that your greatest asset is your workforce. Our specially crafted benefit packets and excellent customer service are the key to your employees’ understanding of the value of the benefits that your company has offered.

Commitment, Communication and Customer Service
These are the building blocks in developing our business relationships.

Specializing in employee benefits, we are committed to building a comprehensive package of services, to effectively use technology and give you diverse options of benefit programs to meet your program objectives.

We are proud of our unique relationship services. We service our clients by providing custom employee benefit summaries, which are an easy to read description of all your plan’s benefits. We provide a professional staff to conduct enrollment meetings, explain the programs and answer questions enabling a better understanding and more appreciation of the benefits presented to your workforce. We offer exceptional customer service that support and facilitate the employees and the Human Resource staff both before and after the enrollment process.

We are solidly committed to the use of technology to provide you with the most effective and efficient services. Our state-of-the-art database, custom designed for benefits, enables us to provide better customer service while our website offers an invaluable Human Resource tool.

Hanson Benefits works for you to evaluate your insurance needs. We explain details of the various plan options and provide cost comparisons to establish relative value in the market place. We will make specific recommendations and tailor plans to suit your company’s special objectives and budgets. We aim to understand your business and your employee benefit needs in order to maximize the value of your company’s benefit program. Our mission is your success.

Employee Communication and Education
Plan design and employee communication all impact an employee’s perception of an employer. A successful enrollment program allows the employees to understand their benefits program, gives them the edge to maximize their benefit dollars and increases their appreciation of the benefits provided.

Our communication services and educational materials help employees to feel comfortable in the utilization of their benefits and enable them to discover the value of the benefits they are receiving. Simplifying benefits is our strength.

Changing providers can be challenging. We will work with your company to assure a smooth transition when a change occurs. Our communication materials and services will assist the employees to understand and appreciate the transition of providers.

We provide on-site enrollments; communicating to the employees, in person, the details of their benefits and how they can be maximized. Our custom employee benefit summaries outline pertinent benefit information to the employees in clear and understandable language. The benefit summaries that we produce are designed to help your employees view their benefits at a glance and to give them contacts if they need assistance.

Customer Service
Our goal is to provide you with outstanding service. Our professional, dedicated staff uses the latest technology to successfully service your employees. Our office is staffed Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m., and we can be emailed 24 hours a day. We guarantee a satisfactory response time for returning your email.

We encourage our clients to sends their employee enrollment forms directly to us. We can then check over the enrollment forms correcting any errors or omissions before we send them on to the appropriate carriers. This enables more accurate and timely enrollments for your employees and minimizes any errors and delays. This also allows us to enter your employees into our custom-designed database so that we can provide your employees with the best and most efficient customer service possible.

We offer a toll free number for assistance for benefit needs, such as: information about benefit choices, COBRA qualifications and enrollment, claims related issues and changes in enrollment status or address changes.

Our job is to make your job easier. We listen and respond. We strive for your satisfaction.

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